Microblading Info & Common Questions

The Microblading Procedure


     Microblading is a Semi-Permanent way of drawing on or filling in your eyebrows.  We use professional Microblading pigments that do not contain Iron or Magnesium to avoid the dreaded fading to red or blue of the tattooed eyebrows of the past.  

     It is a safe procedure as we use all single use blades and equipment to scratch very fine lines onto the epidermis or top layer of skin.  This superficial manual tattooing technique lasts from up to 4 months to 2 years depending on skin type and color of microblading pigment.

     Eyebrow shape is measured and measured again using all your facial features and is as millimeter precise as possible, although it is a drawing and work of art.  Sometimes perfectly similar eyebrows can bring to attention facial features that are not perfectly even, this is where the artistic side comes in to draw the brows to balance your features complementing your face shape and natural beauty.

     The shape of the eyebrows and color of the pigment is agreed upon at the beginning of the appointment.  If you have a specific shape you would like, you can bring a picture, otherwise a natural shape for you is what we'll draw. 

     When scheduling your appointment, you will be sent a link to download our Health and Consent form educating you in great detail everything about the procedure.  Also the post care instruction form to read through and sign. 

     Everyone receives an Aftercare Kit to take home from the procedure appointment.  The kit will contain information on what to expect of the day to day healing schedule and skin post care instructions.  You will also get 2 different lotions to apply to your brows as well.  We use and recommend the "wet" aftercare routine to maximize pigment retention.  

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Common Questions


Q:  How long is the healing downtime?

A:  This is dependent on your skin type, cell regeneration, active lifestyle, how well you take care of your eyebrows after the procedure, and just overall health with how fast you heal a scratch.  Although in general we say plan about 2 weeks just in case.  Touch up appointments are scheduled 4-6 weeks after procedure.  

Q:  Does it hurt?

A:  Everyone's pain tolerance varies, some consider it similar to a scratch while others need to have the numbing cream reapplied.  

Q:  Is this a permanent face tattoo?

A:  The difference from a tattoo is the fine lines are being drawn into the top epidermis layer of skin, which regenerates and eventually will fade.  While a regular tattoo goes deeper into the skin's dermis layer becoming permanent.  No, this is a semi-permanent procedure lasting from 6months to 2years depending on color selection and skin.

Q:  What is the difference between 3d Brows and 6d?

A:  We do what is considered 6d Eyebrow Embroidery.  It is a lot more natural looking and a bit more complex.  With 6d brows we create semi-permanent, fine lines that look just like real pieces of hair.  Sometimes we combine this with micro shading techniques to create the ombre eyebrow effect if desired.  3d Brows are a combination of machine tattooed lines with manual fine lines in between.  Since the lines are thicker with a machine, 3d eyebrows are not as natural looking although they last a bit longer.   

Q:  What if I have light hair and or sensitive skin?  

A:  We carry all different pigments, even fair hair colored ones, they may not last as long as the darker pigments though.  There are many different techniques used to create eyebrows.  Microshading is a way to softly fill in eyebrows lightly, it also fades a lot quicker than microblading.  Its a bit easier on your skin in case you are sensitive too.  Microfeathering is a technique used to just fill in a few sparse areas if needed too.  Any methods used would be determined during consultation.  

Q:  How long is the appointment?

A:  We schedule 2 hours for the appointment but the average time is 1 - 1  1/2 hours.  We ask you to read through and fill out all paperwork before you arrive.